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Velen Capital is a top-performing asset management group that specializes in proprietary trading. Our mission is to generate financial wealth for our investors by leveraging our expertise and technology for a competitive advantage.

We offer a diverse range of investment portfolios to broaden our clients’ options and maximize returns. Our personalized consultancy, dynamic products, and professional traders make us an ideal investment partner, dedicated to working in our clients’ best interests.

Our clients trust us for our proven expertise in managing and diversifying their investment portfolios. We provide comprehensive advisory services with complete transparency to ensure successful outcomes.

To achieve consistent success, we have assembled a team of talented traders with extensive experience serving international investment banks and hedge funds. They leverage their knowledge and experience to develop innovative strategies that capture profitable opportunities in any market, backed by a robust technological platform.

Our client portfolio spans over 30 countries, reflecting our skillful portfolio management and decades of experience in developing expert algorithm systems and quantitative analysis. As we expand across Asia, we continue to attract affluent clients with our proven track record.

Our investment methodologies are centered around asset management solutions that preserve and grow our clients’ assets, providing a gateway for investors to highly experienced institutional traders, safe investments via segregated accounts with top-tier brokers/banks, and 100% transparency for our investing clients.

Velen Capital’s policy is to not accept clients from the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Laos, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and other UN & OFAC sanctioned countries. Due to regulatory reasons, we also will not accept clients from mainland China and the United States of America.

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