W Fintech Products (В Финтех Продукты)

Рейтинг компании:


Официальный сайт: https://w-fintech.online/

Телефон: +1 604 990 2749

Адрес: New Brunswick, Canada, 60 Charlotte St Saint John, NB E2L 2H9

Email: [email protected]

О компании

We are a financial group whose organized structure serves as the foundation and infrastructure for comprehensive client support on issues of personal wealth and investment-related troubleshooting.


Ideas originating from people with multidisciplinary education and extensive experience


Innovations that make complex algorithms effective and encourage constructive investments


Arsenal of solutions to support and expand our clients’ opportunities personally and professionally throughout their life


Focus directed at service quality and additional services that help investors effectively manage their assets


Flexibility in providing the most attractive investment conditions, regardless of the market situation


A variety of solutions matched with a strong, expert position and reliable system of risk management that enables us to achieve a high level of client satisfaction


Striving toward expanding the scope of our solutions and partnership


Staff engagement in active processes that guarantee business stability, resilience as well as general client, investor and societal satisfaction


To expand our clients’ wealth by simplifying processes and eliminating inequality.

W FINTECH PRODUCTS management strives to create a culture of client prioritization and adherence to the highest standards regarding the conditions and quality of the solutions we provide.


An equal opportunity for each individual to improve his or her quality of life.

We recognize the opportunity and the need for meaningful social change. We are convinced that social issues play a decisive role in global development.

3 ответа

  1. Это поддельный брокер, мне звонили предлагали у них торговать. я сразу начал пробивать!!! В итоге понял что это лохотрон! Держитесь подальше от этих клоунов.

  2. Ну эта компания явно заслуживает того, чтобы попасть во всевозможные черные списки. Почему? Потому что это клон, который работает незаконно и скорее всего в скором времени прикроет свою лавочку, исчезнув с деньгами клиентов….

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