UxesTrade (Уксес Трейд)

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Официальный сайт: https://uxestrade.tech/

Телефон: +61 3 9998 0452


Email: [email protected]

О компании

The UxesTrade was founded by Edward Turner on January 12, 2023, in Melbourne, one of the largest economic, cultural and educational centers in Australia.

Edward Turner, the founder and head of UxesTrade, is an expert in the technical and fundamental part of the cryptocurrency industry.

The main goal of the company in the long term is to establish a solid foundation, which will serve as a reference point for the further development of the UxesTrade and the investment sector as a whole.

Our team consists exclusively of professionals from different fields, called to understand market cycles, its mechanics, as well as to create and accumulate an investment portfolio, to understand economy, demand and asset diversification. We offer a unique approach to the market, which provides competent analytics, unique strategies, technology and much more, and we always stick to our own ideology!

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  1. Навязывает торговые рекомендации, а потом морозится и рассказывает, что слив депозита произошел не по ее вине. Крч, не верьте вы этим финансовым тварям, толку от сотрудничества с ними не будет никакого. Они заботятся только о своих собственных кошельках.

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