T&H Consulting (ТХ Консалтинг)

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Официальный сайт: https://tandhconsult.com

Телефон: +36 1 408 8556

Адрес: Headquarters: 1052, Vármegye u. 3-5, 2nd floor, Budapest

Email: [email protected]

О компании

Our Mission

T&H Consulting team strives to provide our clients with the highest quality services. By constantly meeting and exceeding their expectations without fail we have solidified our reputation. For instance, as one of the most well-established companies in providing them with professional services in the aforementioned industries.

We create a media space for our clients to keep abreast of events. We raise awareness of the industry’s significant changes, maintain a blog, write articles, take interviews, and sharing case studies. T&H Consulting strives to continuously follow this Mission and sustain its supporting Values ​​by:

  1. Providing our clients with the best possible service using a unique combination of our tested and proven methods as well as our team of highly skilled specialists
  2. Ensuring that we are as accurate and efficient as possible by using the most advanced software and methods in our projects
  3. Creating a workplace environment for our employees that is conducive to further learning, growth, and excellence in their performance
  4. Addressing the needs and concerns of the clients that lead to the success of the project
  5. Cultivating long-lasting relationships with our clients. That will help us further understand their needs and wants for better execution of their vision

In-Depth Blockchain Investigation

Our team prepares detailed investigative reports on blockchain transactions, assisting clients in coordinating with law enforcement agencies, banks, and cryptocurrency exchanges for a seamless experience.

Efficient Online Solutions

By leveraging digital tools, we save our clients time and money. Our focus is on delivering maximum value while minimizing unproductive activities. We’ve partnered with industry leaders to provide you with the highest quality services.

Certified and Committed Professionals

Our team consists of talented, dedicated professionals who are eager to tackle new challenges. They deliver top-notch work to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, constantly driving improvements in our offerings. Visit our certifications page to see our most recent achievements.

Comprehensive Cost Breakdown

We prioritize transparency in our services. When you work with us, you’ll know exactly what factors into the cost, what you’ll receive in return, and the expected results upon implementing our recommendations.

Knowledge Sharing and Industry Updates

Stay ahead in the industry with our curated media space, designed to keep our clients informed. We share important industry updates, maintain a blog, write articles, conduct interviews, and publish case studies. Join us in our mission to empower businesses with the latest insights and knowledge.

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