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Официальный сайт: https://midpaccoin.net/

Телефон: +377 99 85 52 07

Адрес: 7 Rue du Gabian

Email: [email protected]

О компании

About Midpaccoin

Midpaccoin is a digital platform ushering in a new era of private equity. We enable the world’s most vibrant investor community to access expertise and small private equity investments.

What are we doing?

The broker has been on the market for over ten years. During this time, the company managed to win recognition among traders around the world. We offer the best technological solutions for trading.

Our specialty

Midpaccoin is one of the leaders in the global financial transactions market. We always provide our partners with the most up-to-date trading information. Midpaccoin brings together the best in finance to help you get the most out of your trades. You will start earning on the cryptocurrency, commodity and stock markets without unnecessary difficulties. Our site is equipped with all modern security and network protection systems. Our customer support is available 24/7 and ready to help you anytime, anywhere.

Our story

Midpaccoin was founded in 2015 and since 2017 started its work on the international stage. We are a rapidly growing brokerage company that allows retail investors to participate in the world’s trading on the stock exchange.
We have had huge success in European markets and are now focusing on expanding our strategic scope.
As for management, it was customary to hire one of the best financiers in the world to manage the company. But not every financier is capable of thinking how to run a company.
Barry Wordman, a very well-known businessman in narrow circles, was hired for this position.
Immediately after taking over as CEO, Barry signed contracts with the world’s top financial institutions to train gifted students at Midpaccoin. This made it possible to notice geniuses among the financial world and sign large contracts with them.

Our activities

Midpaccoin serves clients on a brokerage model and acts as an intermediary between the client and liquidity providers in the interbank financial markets. The company provides clients with the opportunity to use any trading strategies without any restrictions: from classic trading strategies to algorithmic and NFT trading.

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