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Телефон: +1 949 407 7046

Адрес: 2372 Morse Ave, Irvine, CA 92614 United States

Email: [email protected]

О компании

Trading Platform for Forex Brokers

Match-Trader is an independent trading technology designed to fit into Broker’s ecosystem. Our trading platform is offered with bespoke liquidity from a CySEC-regulated provider

Who we are

Match-Trade Technologies offers clients worldwide access to an in-house technology ecosystem built around our proprietary trading platform – Match-Trader, available as Server and White Label. Our team is a blend of high-class business consultants experienced in working with Forex Brokers and IT experts from the FinTech industry. We have a strategic partnership with a regulated Liquidity Provider for a complete offer for Forex Brokers

Our Team

Match-Trade Technologies is a fully integrated forex technology provider and creator of the Match-Trader platform. We exist to help Forex brokers run their business and make it more profitable. Our products are designed to make FX market more open, transparent and distributed

Meet the Team

Our international team consists of forex experts with a deep understanding of the brokerage business, market specifics, and the legal-regulatory environment in regions such as Europe, LATAM, MENA, and Asia. They gained experience working in various departments at the largest forex brokers and global Fintech companies dealing with clients, orders flow, and co-creating applications used in the trading industry

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  1. Мой опыт сотрудничества с компанией был максимально негативным, заработать ничего не получилось, только траты и траты довольно большие для моего бюджета — оставил в этой конторе больше 2.000 долларов США. Не знаю как люди пишут про заработок в 100% случаях и прочее, деньги улетали только в путь…

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