Just Trade (Джаст Трейд)

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Официальный сайт: https://www.justtrade.in

Телефон: 1800-3000-9000

Адрес: Bajaj House, 5th Floor, 97 Nehru Place, New Delhi -110019

Email: [email protected]

О компании

Just Trade.in, the recently launched Online Investment & Financial Services company of Bajaj Capital, is an extension of the groups highly valued expertise as the most preferred financial advisory firm in India. The service (www.justtrade.in) went LIVE on 03rd January 2008 and is aimed at Wealth Creation for the working professionals, business owners, experienced investors and beginners.

The Objective

The single objective for Just Trade is to provide a seamless experience to the Indian investors who can now invest online and in comfort of their privacy. www.justtrade.in intends to give clients a ‘new age’ holistic service platform that will enable investments into a wide range of products like Equity, MF or IPOs and services through the online route with a single Log in id. The aim is to engage and educate the investor and offer value added services with flexible pricing packages that include variable brokerage and fixed fee based plans to give `more value for money spent by the Investor.

The Online Platform for the first time ever in the history of financial services in India also offers Investors the access to Financial Assessment Services online that adds a whole new dimension to their financial life and enables them to manage their finances in a way like never before, where every development in their financial life will be documented and every course of action reviewed periodically so that they are able to reach out to their goals.

The Services

There are no speed limits for creating wealth. Our hi-tech and highly reliable online connectivity through V-SAT and Lease Lines ensures that your trading orders are executed at lightning speed.

Some of the key highlights of an investors Just Trade A/c apart from providing a Transaction Platform across Trading, Mutual Funds & IPOs include:-

Investment Services- For any kind of investment related queries, the client will have access to his relationship manager. The Relationship Manager will facilitate informed decision making on the part of the investor (with respect to his investments and overall management of his financial matters) by sharing his Plan, Product and Research Expertise with the client. Investment Services can be availed Online OR through Voice Based Platform or Over the Counter from select just trade branch centers.

Research updates on direct equity, mutual funds including equity, debt, liquid funds, structured investment products, economic outlook, interest rate scenario, implications for performance of different asset classes, etc. The research will cover the latest outlook on the industry and capital markets

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  1. В целом очень неплохой брокер, работает законно, имеет очень достойный опыт и репутацию серьезного финансового посредника. Единственно, на мой взгляд, Just Trade сильно уступает конкурентам по качеству взаимодействия с клиентом. На мой взгляд их сайт дико устарел. Там реально творится хаос, интуитивно непонятно, что нажимать, куда идти, где взять информацию о торговых аккаунтах. Надо писать в саппорт, общаться с менеджером и т.д. Это серьезный минус для меня.

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