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О компании

Trust factors


Top-tier Affiliate program right from the get-go. Get paid instantly from every referral deposit.


Investment breakeven in 5 days. A fully automated system of accruals and revenue payments.


The highest level of return in a short 7 calendar days cycle shares 19% Net Profit.


24/7 Technical Support for the prompt solution of any problem. Reserved for platform users only.

How It Works

1. Sign Up

Sign up by entering your username, valid email address, and password. The sign-up process is quick and straightforward.

2. Make Deposit

Deposit funds into your account to start earning passive income. You can choose your desired investment amount and payment method.

3. Earn Daily Income

Earn daily income passively as the platform generates returns from your deposited funds. You can monitor your earnings in real-time.

4. Withdraw Funds

Withdraw your earnings to your private wallet whenever you like. Alternatively, you can reinvest them to grow your deposit portfolio.

We Are Trading For You

Our approach involves a comprehensive and systematic analysis of global markets, where we use various strategies to offer our partners the best possible return on their capital through investments in high-yield short-term positions.

Our methods include utilizing algorithms, working with databases, and employing scripting programming languages, in addition to extensive fundamental research in predictive analytics and advanced technologies, enabling us to identify and leverage new opportunities. Our investment strategies at 7DAYS aim to encompass all major cryptocurrencies and tokens, employing a diverse range of investment strategies to maximize returns on investments in the market.

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  1. Я столкнулся со следующими неприятными моментами при сотрудничестве с данным брокером: отсутствуют условия сотрудничества, лицензия и другие юридические документы; взыскание пошлин и комиссий в процессе торгов; выдуманные неполадки сайта и технические сбои; игнор клиентов при попытке вывести средства; блокировка аккаунта и обнуление счетов в качестве завершения работы с трейдером. Думаю, этого более чем достаточно, чтобы вы поняли, что данный брокер – мошенник!

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