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Gold in the 21st century is not money and not a means of payment. This is a highly liquid, ancient and most reliable means of accumulation. Investing in gold is the most popular way to diversify an investment portfolio, regardless of its size. There are many reasons for this: gold has historically become a measure of securing money, metal storage does not require special conditions, it is not subject to damage over time, it is not afraid of fire, nor water, nor an open flame.

Legal gold mining consists of several stages of preliminary preparation for the exploration and enrichment of deposits. To increase the efficiency and speed of excavation, special machines and tools are used. The extracted material is processed according to gravity schemes, as well as using flotation and combined processing of mineral raw materials.

What we do

Our company is engaged in investing in gold coins, metal bills.

Such a method of investing is devoid of the risk of capital loss, since gold will never depreciate completely, as is the case, for example, with stocks. In addition, the best industry analysts predict a steady increase in the price of gold in 2020–2021. There is a positive growth trend in the value of this precious metal: in early 2016, an ounce cost a little more than $ 1050, in July 2018 – $ 1220, and in October 2019 it is estimated at $ 1,500. Thus, in just over 3 years, your investment in a noble metal would bring you almost 50% of the income.

However, is not limited to buying / selling “gold assets” (including gold trading in the Forex market) and is directly involved in the process of their extraction from gold ores in Russia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and China. An appropriate license and all necessary permits have been obtained.

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  1. Депозит в размере 300 долларов США был внесен на счет компании для торговли, и когда пришло время выводить средства, компания запросила очень высокую комиссию, что привело меня к выводу, что компания не является законной. Мой менеджер изображал мертвого парня. Прошу вернуть 300 долларов, пока молчат!

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